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Over 30 years experience gained in the Civil Engineering Industry

B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions provide a range a cost effective solutions for a range of clients within the Civil Engineering and Groundwork sectors

Director Bartholomew O’Sullivan has grown the business into a reputable and well-established entity with a number of highly successful projects completed throughout the UK. Over the years his experience has been gained through dealing with a variety of large and small projects, each one presenting different problems to overcome. Each time a successful economic solution has been provided. He has taken this understanding into the company.

Connecting with other members and associates under the CL:AIRE Code of Practice enables B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions to keep up to date and in touch with the very latest methods, techniques and developments to provide sustainable solutions for your business needs.

We offer our client’s comprehensive services including, project management, civil engineering and groundwork, ground investigation, no-dig excavation and land sale values.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver projects on a cost effective basis to meet strict deadlines without compromising on quality. We operate on a consultant basis working alongside your teams to ensure that you get the most cost effective returns. We make understanding your business goals a priority, which helps our company provide you with the specific solutions required for you to get the desired results.

See below for more detailed information on the services that B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions has to offer.

Using the latest methods, techniques and developments to provide sustainable solutions for our clients business needs.



Our Services

We make understanding your business goals a priority

Project Management

At B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions we will create clear and attainable project objectives, building project requirements, which are cost, time, scope and quality effective. Looking at your exact requirements we are able to take this to the design and planning stage and oversee the whole project lifecycle through to handover, including organizing sub-contractors, plant and workforce, coordinating the design team, subcontractors, clients, surveyors and associate personnel. We will ensure health and safety is at the forefront of our mind and can provide this both in house and externally.

With our background and experience in value engineering you can be assured we will be using the latest construction methods and technology to deliver the perfect project on time and within budget. We can also provide regular cost valuations, revenue appraisals and progress reports ensuring your are fully appraised throughout all stages of the project.


Civil Engineering and Groundwork

Utilising our extensive background knowledge gained in the industry over the last 30 years, we can provide a comprehensive undertaking of all associated groundwork including: 

  • Bulk Excavation
  • Bulk excavation is carried out to ensure that the client receives the best value. We have access to the most up to date specialist plant to carry out bulk excavation and are constantly updating our data bank on the market values of materials off site and the latest plant technology available. All to ensure that you, the client gets the most cost effective solution for your bulk excavation requirements.

  • Remediation / Contaminated Land / Landfill
  • We recognise our client’s need in the constant development of brownfield sites. As a member of the CL:AIRE code of practice we promote the sustainable remediation of contaminated land. Working under the CL:AIRE code of practice we have access to the latest technology developments and solution design along with an expansive library of advice and reports on brownfield and contaminated issues. This enables B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions to find the best value and tipping fee and allows us to use material that can turn revenue rather than a cost for land filling.

  • Drainage
  •  We are highly experience at carrying out main draining schemes for 300mm pipes to large calvert works all of which works are able to be carried out by our team. 


    Ground Investigation and No-Dig Excavation

    No-Dig Excavation is essential when working along with consultants investigating for underground services. We actively promote the use of no-dig excavation methods so to mitigate the need for mechanical excavation thus greatly reducing the risk to both life and damage. For example if we were looking at the safe exposure of live utilities beneath the ground, then some more conventional / traditional methods such as mini-diggers or shovels could easily damage the existing pipes/cables.

    Combining our experience in this field we can offer a ‘no risk; solution to investigate, locate and survey underground services in a manner which eliminates the requirements for mechanical excavators.

    We can offer Ground Penetrating Radar surveys, which will detect non-metallic and metallic pipes and also give an indication of depth. As well as being non-destructive, the vacuum process has the ability to excavate within confined spaces and restricted areas within the city centres and towns. By using this method we can greatly reduce the risk, carry our work up to 4-5 times quicker that by hand and offer a detailed survey of all encountered.



    Delivering projects on a cost effective basis to meet strict deadlines without compromising on quality.




    Providing a range a cost effective solutions for a range of clients


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